Christmas Family Photo 2013 smMy family and I are major foodies.  We look forward to making three huge holiday meals all year long, and try new dishes all the time.  This is just our own Parks family blog.  This is the recipe box for a family who loves to eat but who are also trying to eat healthy.  The deepest struggle between good and evil since Darth Sr. and Darth Jr.

I try to cite all the sources I can.  If you find a source of a recipe I have, please let me know and I’ll add it with a link back to the original site if possible.

I’ll also be adding some really great health info that will help you improve your health, with power foods, supplement information, and breakthrough scientific research into the human body and health.  This is entirely due to my mom, the superhero of health.  It has been totally because of her that my dad and I even know how to be health-conscious.

Please comment on any recipe that interests you or that you’ve tried!